A Spark of Change
A spark has been ignited.
But, so has my fears.
I shed so many tears.
Many questions run through the treadmill.
Replaying over
and over
Will I ever be called a friend?
Or will this be the end?
Can this suffice?
Or will I be left on thin ice?
What more can I do?
Who will I choose?
Why can I not just be me?
Where will I be?
When will this be achieved?
All these questions pile higher and higher.
Not all Gods have the answer to my desire.
I fear for my safety.
They give me many reasons to try to revert back,
but it only takes one for me to attack.
I stand out in the cold
strong and bold.
Yes, I am sure.
With all the backlash,
this is hardly a thing to scar me or blind me like a flash.
They call me a disgrace.
A stain in their family's face.
But, I will never look back,
nor let anyone call me an imbecile or an useless sack.
I have changed to be someone I want to be.
Someone that I can see
and be pleased.
For this, I am now free.
Free to look beyond the narrow-minded people and trees.
-Snow that flutters down like feathers

Hello my fellow readers, this poem is dedicated to the LGBT Community, more specifically to my transgender girlfriend and friend. I took some time to figure out how to word this poem. I have been wanting to write a poem about transgender struggle, and I finally was able to achieve that here. (: I hope you all enjoyed reading this poem. Happy Reading and Pride Month!~ heart