Happy Burning Wishes
The candles illuminate brightly.
Nothing at all looks unsightly.
The flame burns high
as time flies by.
I look closely to you.
The start of a fire in you is true.
Your eyes are hungry,
for the desires are on fire.
All I could do is admire.
Are those wishes your calling?
Or will they be your falling?
The wishes you make could being your undoing,
but who are you fooling?
They say all wishes come with a price.
That they stakes are high.
But, can anyone stop those from wishing when true success comes in the size of a grain of rice?
I believe in you.
I always did.
I know you will make things right,
when those who thought they have...actually lost their sight.
Most things end well
as long as it does not toll the bell.
You are you,
and I am here for you through and through.
-Snow that flutters down like feathers

Happy Birthday, The Poisonous Innamorata. I understand that this poem is an hour or two late, and I apologize for that. But, here it is! I hope you enjoy this poem as much as I do. I have always wanted to write a poem for birthdays. So, I ended up with this nice piece. heart I am quite fond of birthdays, especially ones that involve wishes. I used to believe that if I did make a wish, it would come true. But, as I continue on with life, I always remembered and seen what wishes can do if you do not specify. I chose to write about the dark consequences of wishes along with ones that can do right with them. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys this poem also as much as I do. As always, thank you for reading and support. (: Happy reading!