So I guess after listening to "Us Against the World" a bunch of times, Yellow and Purple's story together kind of designed itself. I guess it's kind of a reverse story of what happened IRL, between Red and her beloved prince.

They're best of friends, essentially. From the moment they met. In this story, opposites really attract. Weiss is very optimistic but silly/goofy. She's naturally a very vibrant character, in contrast to the quiet but charming Noire. They fall in love, eventually, as the story goes, but they remain best of friends.
Sketch ideas:
-Weiss not understanding how to MATH and Noire laughing and reaching over to help her... lowkey an excuse to put his arm around her
-Weiss playing violin for a very un-musical Noire
-The pair talking on the phone for extended periods of time (shot shows a bit of each person's bedroom and therefore more of their persona / Weiss' is rather messy and scattered with music and instruments and recording equipment / Noire has books stacked very neatly
-Noire digging through uni viewbooks, Weiss reaches in the pile and points out where she's auditioning, Noire immediately takes interest in the school

Not sure what causes the rift between them yet, probably distance and lack of time in their final year of hs.