At the end of Fairy Tale (yey finalizing and abandoning the story) there's a ball, since the protagonist is Cinderella, technically.

So all the girls wear dresses that match their personality colour, and Fairy Godsister bippity-boppity-boos the place into a well-decorated ballroom, complete with a disco ball and shitty music.
-Ella dances with Prince Darren, obviously, and it is hinted that she will become the future queen of this universe.
-We finally meet Princess Lisa/Fionna's s/o, who turns out to be a shapeshifting Asian dragon who comes to sweep her away. She leaves the dance pretty early on.
-Jake and Jonah bicker while eating cheese fondue.
-Red asks Prince Ray if he remembers her in the most tsundere-fashion possible.
-Prince Cody shyly asks Maia how she's been all these years.
-Vincent adjusts to his new crutch, and annoys the hell out of Harrison while he does so.
-Brun admires her new uniform, and dances with Fairy Godsister.
-Prince Glenn finally brings the girl he's fallen for, B, to the castle. Her curse has been lifted too, so she no longer turns into a beast when the moon comes out.
-Laith third-wheels the pair.

Yeah, I think I covered everyone? Goodbye, Fairy tales!