Red - Athlete. Charming/outgoing, very passionate about what he does. Good leader, can be aggressive when he needs to be.
Friends with Noire; went to school with Weiss.
Orange - Undeclared major. Some kpop fan at the moment. Energetic and bright. Flirty and outgoing.
Has a crush on Midori.
Yellow - Musician. Cheerful, optimistic, generally a happy person. Somewhat naive and innocent, but cares for those around her.
Green - Undeclared major. down-to earth. Hopeful & seeks growth/change. Surprisingly caring/compassionate. Like to take care of people and make sure they're safe.
Blue - Computer Science major. Calm and cool, rather stoic but has loud outbursts when he is aggravated. Absolutely sincere, takes no offense for his "odd" interests.
Purple - Science Major. Incredibly smart. Comes from wealthy family. Old-fashioned romantic, generally gloomy. Seeks to improve but knows no starting point
Went to school with Weiss.