What kind of puppets can I make?
Animals and human-like creatures and other things

What kind of animals?
- A dog puppet (my fursona smile )
- A cat puppet
- A toucan puppet
- A parrot puppet
- A Jaguar puppet
- An iguana puppet
- A unicorn puppet
- A bear puppet
- A raccoon puppet
- A badger puppet
- A falcon puppet
- A Griffin puppet
- A monkey puppet
- A rabbit puppet
- A jackalope puppet
- A butterfly puppet
- An elephant seal puppet

For human-like creatures
- A scarecrow puppet
- A nutcracker puppet

Other things
- Strange Creature (A non-scary monster that's being strange)
- A blue thing with a head that looks like blue linguine with a gaping mouth with a blanket-like body with eyes on his fingers

And I plan on making more puppets for my future YouTube series. Genre: Educational, adventure, comedy, people and blogs

They will teach viewers how to solve problems instead of letting things get the best of them.
For example: If someone has a mental disability, and s/he has other problems, my puppets will point out the natural remedies such as writing in a journal their thoughts, experiences, events, etc., so that they may cope better and live better lives. My puppets will encourage them to think positive.

My puppets will also be in a vlog (a video blog), voiceover something, react to stuff on YouTube, and play games.

My YouTube series will be entertaining and inspiring and funny and good. That's why I make my own puppets. That's my plan and idea.

P.S. When I make more puppets, my series will be completed.