I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...

Well, I guess there's so many sorry that I really want to say and so many things I hope to be forgiven for. But I guess what I've come to realise after reading through all the messages we sent each other, perhaps it's just a difference in how we deal with a bad situation? I'm somebody who has trouble forgetting things and so I try to seek forgiveness for any mistakes I've made, no matter how small it is. You, on the other hand, try to forget all the unpleasant things. Maybe all these sorry just bring things up and made me more irksome with each successive apology.

I really didn't mean to overthink so hard to the point that you've got to block me from messaging you on messenger but at least you haven't removed me as a friend eh...? Well, I hope that given enough time and less apologetic and depressive words from me, we can return to how we were before. But I really ruined everything by showing you this unsightly version of me. I guess I'll stop excessively apologizing to you but instead keep my apologies to this journal to stop annoying you.

So yea, sorry for having such serious anxiety, sorry for having you been involved during this episode of my mental illness spiking. Sorry for overthinking so much and thinking that I had so much impact on your actions. And the most important sorry is for being the reason for your headaches and annoyance as well as unhappiness. I'm most sorry for having so little control of my emotions during such situation. I want to be there during your sad times and be able to help you keep the smile on your face but the saddest thing of this whole situation is that I was the one who made you upset and there's no way for me to resolve this situation.

But yea, at this point, let's hope that time will make things better and it doesn't affect our work relation.

Enjoy the happy memories and let's not try and reminiscence too much.