She walked down the hall in her beautiful black skirt that fell to the floor. She wore black boots underneath the beautiful black skirt. Around her neck she wore a choker that has a red cross dangling from her neck. No one knew if she was a saint or a christian. She wore a long sleeve shirt that hung down from the sleeves. A black fabric made her always seem mysterious with her ocean blue eyes that seemed to pierce into your soul when she looked at you. She never spoke or smiled she was always silent and kept to herself. People feared her and worshiped her. Her hair was long and it touched her waist but she had her black hair braided back as it flowed down her back. So, you never once saw her with her hair down and she had these black heart earrings she always wore and people didn’t want to get to know her for fear if knowing her would cause their death. Her face was beautiful no pimples or anything to see she was pale but so beautiful she seemed to be a young girl by the name of Victoria Elizabeth Valentine as though it was a name of a princess or a goddess. She had so much mysterious things about her she would be there and then one day she would be gone. She had a parasol when it was sunny out as though the sun would burn her skin and she always wore something that covered her legs and arms every day.