Thinking about rei-chan, so some sketch ideas for Euph-chan.

Euphonium arrives at the music academy two weeks late (reasons unknown, too lazy to fill plot-hole) and the Brass gather by the entrance, excited to meet the fifth member of what they call the "Brass Bros".

("No, Trumpet, that's lame." --Hn)

Basically the conversation goes something like this:
Tbn: Can't wait to meet Euph! I bet he's really cool and calm. Piccolo told me the stereotype was that Euph players are quite mellow. He's another grade 11 right?
Tba: Nah, I think they said he's a grade 10. I wonder what he's like? Do you think he'd like my baking? *gasps* Do you think he'd bake WITH me?
Hn: Hey, maybe he's more... loud and outgoing! It'd be nice to have another guy to talk to though... Do you think he's cute?
Tba: Oh my god, Hn.
Tpt: Who cares, at least we have another member of the BRASS BROS~!
Tbn: We are NOT calling ourselves that
Hn & Tba: Agreed.

Then, to the surprise/disappointment of the Brass section, a girl walks in.
"Oh hi," greets Tuba, "Are you one of the new violins?"
Her face remains straight/blank. "Are you the Brass section?"
"Yes, we are! Nice to meet you..." Hn replies, holding out his hand to shake hers.

The girl is silent. She drags her instrument out in front of her (somehow it was hidden behind her, but I made her pretty tall, so) and sets it in front of the four boys. She rests both hands atop the large, black case.

"Euphonium." Euph says with a smirk, ignoring Horn's hand. With that remark, she pushes past the awestruck section and heads for the dorms.

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