Name: Cyborania Metanical
Age: Manufactured 20 years ago
Gender: Female genetics mods
Eyes: Green & grey mixed tech eyeballs
Hair: Vitrual Nanobots fused in her cyber brain can make her change her hair. Since she's a new model she has none yet.
Facial Features: With her latest robotics latex tech she looks like she has flawless skin, once she gets her upgrades. Since she's a New fresh model she has none
Height: With her mechanics she's a simple 5'7
Weight: Weightless when in motion, When charging offline she weights half a ton.
Voice Box: Normal robot u till upgrade is given, then you can pick what ever voice you want for her
Skin tone: Robotic genetics make her latex change skin tone when she gets her upgrades. Since she's a fresh model she is just a shiny gray robot
Body Built: Her outer shell makes her looks the verage slim figure
Bust Size: Since she's a new model with no upgrades she's flat chested
Physical Appearance: She dose not have since she's a new model with no upgrades. Till then she is cold and stotic.
Personality: She is a observe and portray type. Takes time to form one
Date of Birth: Modulated on the 28th of April
Species: Android
Race: Robotic / Cybornetic
Blood Type: Green liquid nano fluids (without it she can't function)
Languages: Depends what she is taught with the right software
Medical History: If broken or malfunctioning to an exstant she can fix herself
Mental State: She is programmed to be learn the emotions of humans mostly from her owner. If the strain be ones to much for her her cybernetic brain shuts down instantly turning herself off.
Nationality: Made from Englands finest engineers
Accessories: This is optional to the owners choice
Occupation: To obey every command by her owner, no matter what
Homeland: England, Manchester
Talent : This depends on what the owner wants her to know/do
Skills : Depends on what owner wants her to know
Education : None she learns by watching and immating her owner
Hobbies: Depends on what her owner gives her
Job(s) : To follow all owners comands / Make sure her battery is changed & charged at all costs.
Living situation: With her new owner
Body Gaurds: She's the body gaurd
Powers: Her owner choices if she can have Robotic powers or not when upgrade is given.
Weapons: Owners choice to give her once given upgrade
Weakness: Water if not given the defense mechanism upgrade
Things that kill me: Anything can kill a machine
Fears: Losing its owner from its programing
Transportation: Built in wheels
My friends are: Its owner
Fav colors: Green from programing
Fav Fighting style: Presure point acupuncture
Fav Food: N/A But it does need its refill of liquid nano fluid
Fav music : Techno / Instrumental
Likes: Watching her owner / Learning
Dislikes: Being offline for too long
Bio: Years ago England has thought of their own idea for hired help, since it looked like their country might need it in the future. Plus it was an good thing for their new engineers to do. What once started as a hobby by then, now became a mission to pull off. Complaints to the higher authorities about low employes numbers for certain jobs, it was becoming a mess. One day the queen of England finalised for their engineers to create a humanoid that can hired help. And to be used only for when they couldn't hire the right people for the jobs, or when certain employees would do something stupid and go on strike. They would be here to fill that role, and they did too. Now their problem in England is solved some curious by standars would take and catch these cyborgs in the act of working. Their new idea suddenly going viral indeed, other states and or countries suddenly wanted one.
The queen herself had to think long and hard about extending their prototype to other country soil. Since because they never could try and copy from scratch. Couldn't pull it off with out the prototype lol. Finally she gave in but for a price, that clever woman. Few years later more and more of these robots are spotted in every country, state, continent. They are harmless of course..unless your one of those types who would use it for pure evil gain. There are ways that England protects themselves from these types of situations. They have this Pure tech mechanism in their programing. Each bot is connected to the main motherboard in England, Manchester. Each owner must prink their finger and inject 3 drops of blood onto their bots mouths onto their sensor ( tounge), also must stare directly into the eyes of their bots after. Next step is their bots scan both their blood and their brain waves just by looking into the eyes. All that info is trandford to the motherboard, and if it senses that their owner will use them for evil, their bots explode, and they get sent to jail for life sentence. Same goes for master hackers.
Cyborania here is the first manufactured Robotic machine created from the prototype. She is very special in deed. The owner of her must good care of her ( since she's the first of her kind ) serial number #1. To fully activate her you must first build her battery charge station ( comes with her in her box), then you must register her. The blood, and brain wave scans, and also program your name, social, ID Information. Then you can turn her on, by pressing her green button behind her left shoulder. Once that's done attach her to her charge station and leave her be for a few hours to send your information to the motherboard.
Since she is the unique model she has no special details about her. You HAVE to buy her upgrades in order to perfect her. She can get many different upgrades depending on what you want best for her. EACH UPGRADE CHIP IS SOLD SEPARATELY!!
Upgrade choices:
· Defense Mechanism chip
· Basic Features chip
· Weapons Mechanism chip
· Talent Mechanism chip
· Skills Mechanism chip
· Voice box chip
· Advance Mechanism chip
· Language chip
· Cyber brain back up chip
· Education back up chip
· Advance defensive Mechanism chip