My heart won't accept leftovers and my heart won't beg for bread
I loved you so passionately back then until I realized that you were
tainted in so many ways washed up and used up , you were no longer good enough for me but to be honest you never were good enough I think I just liked how different you were how you always shined no matter where you went my feelings for you were feelings of being awestruck at the beauty of you it was never love ... it has never been love and it will never be yet here you are again haunting me

I saw your new girl and she is cute and naive my , heart is deep waters and a man like you would only drown if you had a taste of my love a taste of my affection and a glance at my inner beauty . You would probably get a glance at the treasure in my heart and it shines like fragile crystal it's a crystal flower that will someday bloom but not because of you but because of my true love and all the ways he cares for me

So although you are leftovers to me know that to someone else you will be the main course hopefully you are also their dessert sweet and fulfilling without any regrets and this is the last piece I will write about you because my true love is waiting for me now