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Entry Log of : Dr. Tyme Valentine .
Personal Log of Dr. Tyme Valentine's day-to-day entries.
Tips toward artistic happiness, part 1 .

Tips and tricks to achieving artistic happiness
Part One of ( ? )



While it's no secrete that being noticed in the art world is... hard, at best...
there are a few things that i've learned, both recently and over the years, that
can help a person... figure out what they should truly do with there work.

Some, i already know, and do.

Some, i personaly still need to do.

But all, are good tips to follow, and get into a habbit of having.


This will be named as a " PART ONE " , incase there's ever a time
where i might require to write more. If someone else is reading
this, and would like to input something of there own, comments
bellow are open... as they are always in my entries.


- Accepting fate is EARNED, not given.
No one.... let me say that again, NO ONE, is born talented.
Yes it takes a bit of personal imagination and wonderment to
create something original. But EVERYONE is born at " 0 everything " .
You want to learn/be-good-at art stuff? You have to earn that right.

- Practice.
Even if your brand spanking new to art, or your a classic vet., art
is a ever changeing game of tallent, wits, imagination, and muzes.
Its always a good idea to keep in a mindset of learning, constantly,
as it's the only way to keep your current knowledge sharp while allowing
evloution of one's one understanding of ways.

- Being open to most things.
Just like how the world would be a better place if people's minds where
open to all ( if not most ) concepts, art is the same way. Keeping an open
mind not only allows a person to express themselves within there art, but
it allows a person to VIEW art for what it could be / is .

- THREE Attractive Ideals.
In art, no matter the syle or the grace of one's art might be, there's 3
key features to getting others to like your work....
- Art that is ODD. ( Haveing a style that is completely strange, so it stands out ).
- Art that is CURRENT. ( Artwork that shows off current topics and popular ideals ).
- Art that is POPULAR. ( Artwork that expresses popular subjects, like newly loved cartoons ).

- Social Media.
Sadly, and expecially to the lonely-man whom is unknown, the internet DOES exist.
And with everyone being online now-a-days, its harder and harder to show your work.
A way around that, is to adopt the aspect of " if you can't beat them, join them ".
In other words, being on multi platforms of social media would help one's chance at
being noticed. BAD examples of this is places like Tumblr or DeviantArt, where they
are dominated by those whom are already popular, and thus has an eviorment thats slowly
going down. GOOD examples however, are places like the AMINO Apps, where they are open
and very accepting, as they allow/force people to gander at there topics on a stedy pace.
.....Balanceing what works, and what doesn't, could meen the diference between being
known.... and forever lurking within the shadows.....


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