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My Book
I've been writing in this since I was thirteen in 2007. I still am writing in it, and it will probably be my legacy till the day I die.
Memory #2: Amazingly Anya
------I sat there under the monument at 59th street Columbus circle with my legs crossed. I had just walked from 34th street Penn station. My phone was on 12 percent of dying. It was grey and cloudy that day, if I recall correctly it was around 5pm. It was in December though a few days after Christmas, so it was relatively almost sunset. It was quite chilly as well. We never really planned this sorta. You just told me that you wanted to meet up since you were in NYC for family and holidays. I remember freaking out days before. I didn't know if you would accept me for who I was. I didn't know what you thought about me and my weird insecure self. I texted you a couple of times of where I was. When you replied back that you were here I called and looked around to see if anyone would pick up their phones.

------That's when I saw you. You didn't see me though as I was sitting under the statue. You wore all black, black boots, black coat and black leggings. Not to mention your hair is long and black as well. I'm not sure if we played like a guess where I am game on the phone, or if my phone had died out. But I remember you seeing me and you climbed up the steps of the statue. We exchanged our Hi's and Hello's and gave each other a small hug. I was kinda in a state of disbelief. You were the first person I had ever met online. I asked if you were hungry but you either told me that you're going out later with family to eat at night, or that you just ate. We walked at central park just talking about anything and everything. Our hands were in our pockets, walking over the dead brown grass. I remember telling you my disdain over horses, and you were the first person I knew to keep one as a pet. We didn't really do much other than walking and talking, so I took you to some of the scenic places.

------We took the subway, The one train all the way down Chambers Street. We went to china town and we skyped with James, our mutual friend. We told him that he should hangout with us in the future again if we would ever meet again. We got lost at one point, I was never good with directions around china town as the number grid system of streets and avenues didn't exist down here. We managed to get on the Brooklyn Bridge but it was too dark by then to see the waters and the sights. The people walking through were just people trying to get home from work. The moon that day though was full and bright. It's reflection on the waters gave you an unsettling feeling staring at it. You mentioned to me something about USOs, or unidentified submerged objects. I tell you to focus on me and we'll be fine.

------We cross the Manhattan bridge once we finished the Brooklyn bridge. No one ever walks this bridge though. It was more well lit compared to the other one but there was less walking space as the subway passes through this bridge as well. There were tons of graffiti everywhere. Everything after this is hazy though as I can't recall what happened next. But I believed after we crossed the bridges we split paths and said our goodbyes to each other. I wasn't sure if I had made a good first impression. Probably didn't, as we had never met up ever again for next year's holiday season and the next one. It was the only time we had ever met.

------Perhaps next time if we ever do meet again, I'll bring my guitar and you can bring your flute so that we can play some Counterpoint games at central park or Columbus Circle. Maybe I'll have my phone charged so I can share pictures of my cat.

Well thanks for reading, This is Anikacy, lets meet again someday soon.

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Community Member

Tue Oct 24, 2017 @ 04:48am

We should meet one day too!

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