Alright so I haven't written in a little while and I apologize. Life has been pretty hectic. Currently I am off of work and I just finished binge cleaning the entire kitchen.. you know how people binge eat and whatnot... I binge clean. I clean so much people hate me for it.. lol. Hey.. It is a good habit right? I just prefer to live in an overly clean environment. Only 2 weeks until Kcon tickets go on sale.. I'm very nervous about the last artist entry into this whole shabang. Goodbye money *waves as it flies out of my wallet into the sunset of happiness*... Also they opened up a new store in the mall closest to me.. Torrid.. I love Torrid.. Torrid is very expensive.. But I love them.. so Goodbye the rest of my money that was left over that isn't for silly things like bills and rent.. T crying T. So I bought a new dress to wear to a banquet I'm going to on may 8th.. and I couldn't be happier with it <3. My grooming salon won an award for peoples choice best salon in the Valley (Wilksbarre,Scranton,Hazleton, Mountain Top.. And surrounding areas..) So that is huge <3.. Business Is good. Any ways I will try to update this soon.. Thankyou for Reading as always!