Well, I accepted my offer to the University of Toronto, since they don't require a financial commitment. I'll be visiting both schools in late May, and then I can probably decide where I want to go.

Uhm, so I'm probably not going to compete at provincials. Maybe my music career is over for now, but it doesn't mean I can't still like, play in orchestras and stuff. I guess I'd just have to take a break from competition. Those kind of freak me out.

I kinda want to go to dinner dance. I mean, it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing, because you only graduate once and stuff. (Kinda like provincials, I guess). But then if it really doesn't work out with GLEE, I guess I just can't go.

Yeah, I still haven't cleaned out my backpack. I gotta return my AP chem textbook tomorrow, as well as hunt down the VP to ask about the dance/dry grad. I was going to spend block B doing my calc work. I guess I'll avoid Maia and Cody somehow... Library?