------I forget sometimes of how dependent we are as people to water. I know that was awkwardly phrased but bare with me. According to the U.N based on a study they did back in 2013 about 780 million people don't have access to clean water, and about 2.5 billion don't have access to adequate sanitation. It's
a somewhat random fact that may or may not be appropriate to my situation, but nonetheless relevant. For 3 days or more in counting there hasn't been water in my house. Not because my parents forgot to pay the water bill, but its due to the fact we have ******** up pipes. There is a faulty pipe somewhere under the kitchen that causes the kitchen to flood. The flooding was barely noticeable at first, but then it progressively got worse. At first we thought that water was from a spilled cup or something, but it kept showing up on the same spots days after. When we started visibly seeing water seep up from the floored tiles, we knew we had a problem. My dad and I will be fixing the pipes when the tools my dad arrive from wherever he ordered online at. But as for now we shut off water supply comming into the house and I have been living without it for a couple of days.

------So here's a first hand account of what its like to live without running water. My parents reminice in a way, I'm not sure if thats the right word, that it's like living back in the motherland. We can't afford to have some professional pipe fixers to do the job as they're currently applying for citizenship which is also molto caro. Besides my dad and I are handy people anyways as we had fixed multipule things around the house, like that one time my ceiling caved in due to water damage back in 2014. (You can read about it here, though I don't go into specific details as much compared to here.)

------We do have "some" water such as during the mornings around 6 am, my dad turns on the water supply for one hour so that we can do morning things such as bathing and brushing teeth. But during this time we also try to fill up a bunch of things with water, such as water bottles, buckets and britas. I have three filled water bottles in my room right about now mainly for drinking. I remember my sister freaking out when there wasn't water and she couldnt flush the toilet after doing the number 2. I found that pretty hilarious. In order to flush the toilet we have to pour some of our saved water into the toilet. The water pressure forces an automatic flush due to the genius engineering design of the modern day toilet.

------The hardest thing is washing the dishes, which I hate doing. In order to wash dishes you have to make a concotion of soap and water, and sometimes ajax for cleaning the pots and pans. Then you dip your sponge to your soap mix and apply generously to the dishes. We don't rinse the dish first as we do normally to get food stuffs off due to the fact we're saving water. Then once the soap is on everything. We slowly and carefully pour water onto the dishes to rinse away the soap. This is the most efficient way of saving water while doing the dishes. We can't handwash the dishes in the similar fashion of handwashing clothes with dipping the dishes into the bucket due to the fact that we're trying to save water. Cooking is similarly abysmal. I try not to use as much utensils and pans in order to minimize washing. I find myself using a pan instead of a pot to boil water. Similarly we have to becareful of which of the saved water can be used for cooking as some of the saved water is used for cleaning and for sanitation.

------This No Water situation, has gotten me to appreciate water more and how valuable it is. I can only ponder upon those who have it less fortunate than me and pray for them. If you have access to clean water I hope you don't take it for granted.

Anyways thanks for reading, This is Anikacy, saving that .1 percent water of water in the world.