Good evening Readers!
So The past few days work has been extremely interesting. Today I had an 150lb Newfoundland dog which if I lay on the floor next to it I disappear completely.. xD I groom bears too apparently. Tomorrow I get to groom one of my best friends dogs with my sister.. His name is Kujo.. and he lives up to his name.. But I still love him all the same even if he tries to eat me whilst grooming him. So business has still been well as usual. I got some new protein bars at Target today that don't taste bad!! Apple pie Quest bars are the best things I have ever come across.. I personally love quest bars in general but I think I finally found my favorite flavor. I think that is a success and a half xD. Currently I have dinner in the oven.. I'm talking to a really good old friend of mine and life is all well and good smile . Kcon has got me worried.. I really am not sure which tickets I will be getting.. I WISH THEY WOULD ANNOUNCE MORE ARTISTS ALREADY!! *sigh*. Any who.. So I know these are boring as anything.. but I will try to do some more interesting things.. when I have free time *laughs nervously*. Welp I'm off to do more choreography stuff and what not smile . As always thankyou for reading about my oh so interesting life.. the sarcasm is real.. So real