After being sick I was allowed to go to dinner (lasagna/gross salad/garlic bread x2/gross cake), and then we went back to clean up. I packed what I could...

...just finished showering.

Anyways: summary of the night. The acapella group was AMAZING, they 100% deserved the two standing ovations they got. The singing was so beautiful it was hard not to melt into a pool of awe... I didn't buy a CD but I'm totally stalking their FB page again later.
And since the bus was on two transfers, the grade 10s went first and us on the "AP" bus were left behind to be brought to the springs another 25mins late... I ended up talking to Ray at the centre. It wasn't bad tbh, it was awkward at first but we managed to actually talk about things. On the bus, I sat down and he just sat next to me too, maybe he wanted to talk?

We walked all the way to the hot springs together... It was interesting. Him flirting with Darren on purpose and such was pretty cute imo, yet he's not even ashamed of his weeb-iness (he named the doll??? And it has a pet name?) (and even pointed out this guy with a glowstick like his back at the performance centre ^^; )

He's just... idk. There are too many thoughts/feelings running through my head at the moment to write it all down.

The pool though. Was kind of relaxing, swam around with Maia and William and such. Some of the guys had a competition to see who could hold their breath the longest, Ray won a bunch of times.
And gosh, I love seeing him smile. A genuine, happy smile. I made him laugh a bit too, although I don't even remember what I said. Adorable. He teased me for not being able to stand up in the deep end though, as did multiple other people.
I liked using him as a floatation device. Very huggable and tbh, damn. I thought he was still squishy. I think that maybe sometimes life is too short to ... not do stupid things and not take risks? I mean, I spend so much time worrying about how he feels and he thinks of me but really, I guess I need to regard how I feel first?

I guess I kinda hugged him in the pool. He's very aware of how I feel but he didn't run... It was kind of nice."

Another highlight: the train. Some of the junior boys went around the pool in a strange train-like thing and splashed a bunch of water on me as they went past. So, as the nice person I am, I splashed plenty of water, and blinded every single idiotic junior boy. I kept shouting stuff like "I'M SO SORRY, IT'S COMPLETELY MY FAULT GUYS, REALLY, I'M SORRY," well, sarcastically. It was fun.
I dressed quickly and so I left on the first bus, he must've left on the second. I'm kinda sad I didn't get to see him afterwards but it was nice. Maybe I will have the guts to speak to him tomorrow.