Uh, I'm very sick so yay, entry time!

Thursday - Concert Band performance time! Tbh I think we did better than the other bands that went, but you never know...
Thursday was generally pretty s**t, since I was dead tired from staying up and talking to the others on Wed. The Old Spaghetti Factory makes me so triggered tho

Friday - Clinic was really good imo, but not much I didn't already know. The 10s were ok and the senior jazz did okay as well, nobody seemed that okay with it tho. I bought popcorn for $5.50 tho lol rip
Went swimming with the girls later on, was pretty fun.

Saturday - it's only 11:42 rn but like, i have nothing to do. I got sick from yesterday somehow and now my throat is burning and I can barely speak. I don't wanna miss the tour and the hot springs tonight but I can't sleep. I don't really know what's wrong but my throat just hurts a lot??

In other news my weeb trash is making a vlog of this trip ;-;