Hello Readers!
Sorry for not updating yesterday.. It was kind of a rough day for me.. The stomach flu is no joke ,but on the bright side everyone in my house is feeling much better today. Today I went back to work.. as always it is crazy and getting more hectic by the day. I got some news finally for Kcon NY.. SO They added a new bracket to the tickets.. DIAMOND... The freaking tickets are $1500 A POP.. .__. .. So There's that. I would rather spend that on a ticket to go to south korea lol.. So I will probably either shoot for platinum tickets OR P1. I might even go with less expensive tickets.. but we will see. Otherwise I am freaking excited to go smile and I can't wait to hear the rest of the line up <3. They announced one of my favorite groups today Highlight.. aka BEAST.. so *Dances vigorously*! But enough about my obsessions.. Tomorrow I have the day off besides going to see my psychiatrist.. yay! It will be the calm before the storm which is Saturday inside of a grooming salon.. although it wont be as bad because I have my brusher bather and a pinch groomer (my friend Jaylane) and my sister. SO HOPEFULLY IT WONT BE AN OVERWHELMING WORK DAY biggrin ! On that note I think I am going to head off to sleep.. Or at least try to. It is very difficult for me to sleep honestly.. falling asleep is not the problem.. It is more staying asleep.. *le sigh*. As always.. thankyou for reading annotations about my boring life biggrin .