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insite into our lives

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Karthos the basic history.
Karthos is a world of magic.
But to understand it, you have to go back a long way.... several thousand yearsor so.

Earth had been at war with a race called the dritz. by the end of the war both sides were devastated beyond measure and Earth had been wasted by bombardment.
Humans needed a way out, so they made a colony ship and sent it to a star they had found.
This star was karthos, and due to its asteroid belt was almost never visible to be found normally.
Karthos has an unusually large, thick, and broad asteroid belt that near completely blocks the star's light from leaving the system. Further, there is a divine aspect to the belt that acts like a shield against being found by any who would due it harm.
As it is, Karthos is a legitimate home to gods. In particular, the goddess of magic.

When humans arrived at Karthos, they found that while the planet was of an M class, and flourishing with life compatable with people... it was also problematic.
People were ill equipped to handle the planet's conditions. They were simply too weak to survive long. So one 'mad scientist' developed the karthos virus and administered it. The result was a genetic melting pot of all life on the planet.
People included.
In the end many things share some traits with several other races.
Human's were now equipped with dragon muscle mass, fairy blood, and ogre constitutions. Now able to survive aptly, they eventually did what all people do...
Turns out, they also inherited a higher penchant for conflict from that mix as well. They lost their space tech quickly within the first 3 generations due to this conflict and soon managed to rebuild their society in a medieval style... once the viral cocktail of genetic mixing had settled out and streamlined itself. Other races around karthos were similarly trying to figure their new selves out as well.

Now, we can fast forward a few thousand years.
The humans of Karthos became known as karthonian. They integrated into the ways of the world and became part of it. They also went to war with themselves regularly.
One day, during one such conflict, an archmage finished and opened an experimental gate. Connecting a passage across the stars.
Thus Karthonians were reintroduced to the Dritz.
However, it seems that over the centuries the humans that had stayed on earth had made peace with and formed a coalition with the dritz.
Overnight, Karthos' humans had returned to space tech.
With the Dritz they learned of a grand war being held between the human/dritz coalition and a race called the Baln. A crystalline based race of grate power.
And so Kathos, for the most part, found peace within its own ranks for the first time in memory as all of Karthos united to face the grand threat of the B'haln.
Their emergence into this conflict was swift, and impactful. In short turn they had managed to stop the advance of the B'haln and even reclaim lost territory from them.
What was starting to look hopeless for the coalition was now given a glimmer of hope.
However, the B'haln empire was massive. The coalition had held a few hundred star systems. The B'haln held millions. It was to turn into an eternal conflict with neither side able to beat the other. The Kathonians were simple too good at what they did and the b'haln were simply too powerful of an empire.

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