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My Thoughts, Rants, Etc.
Discontinued No Longer
Easter 2017
Happy Easter and enjoy ~
cute bunny anon

From: Celebiest
Message: Happy Easter!

The fields of Barton Town were bustling as Gaians walked to and fro amongst the flowers and scattered woods. The Easter event was in full bloom and with it came the annual scavenger hunt. Although the air was alive with chatter and the singing of birds, everyone was focused on finding the pastel decorated eggs that were littered about. You were no exception.

Heaving your basket to your other arm, you wiped a bead of sweat from your brow. Winter's breath was finally gone from the days and the warmth from hours in the sun was beginning to get to you. Your basket, half full, was also an indicator that it was time to break for lunch. Shifting the basket once more, you began to slowly walk back. 'Slowly' only because your eyes continued to search for the bright glints of eggs against the grassy green hues of the field. Although mentally you had decided to stop for lunch, physically you could not help but search for one last egg.

To avoid the sun, you moved towards the shade brought on by the trees at the edge of the woods. The sudden change in temperature caused a small chill to ripple through your body and you shivered. The bush next to you shivered as well. Instinctively, you jumped away with a small yelp of surprise. Clutching your pounding heart, you stared with wide eyes at the bush that had startled you. It continued to rustle until, much to your relief, a rabbit appeared. You let out a shaky laugh of surprise. Well, this was one embarrassing story you were never going to tell anyone.

You stared at the rabbit with avid curiosity. What at first you assumed to be a trick of the light, you now realized was a blue-green aura that seemed to permeate and utterly tint the rabbit. Was this a grunny? No, that couldn't be right. It did not have the physical appearance of one. Maybe it was a new experiment from G-Corp?

When you took a miniscule step to get a closer look at it, the rabbit immediately darted off into the woods. You quickly hurried to where it had stood just a moment before, and then sighed as you watched it disappear into the lush flora. You should have taken a picture of it while you had had the chance. Oh well. Shrugging it off, you began to turn away from the woods, but paused. Wait a moment. Looking back at where the rabbit had disappeared, you spotted an Easter egg. You grinned, shimmied between the bushes, and made your way into the woods to where the egg was nestled at the base of a tree. At least your somewhat embarrassing encounter with the weird rabbit had led to something good.

You reached down, picked up the egg, and put it into your basket. In the long grass just next to it, you spied a small, carefully wrapped present. Puzzled, you picked it up. On it, in elegant calligraphy, was a note that read, 'Happy Easter'. Before you could look for a name as to whom it was from, a voice cut through the quiet of the woods.

"You found one!"

You turned and saw a boy in his late teens standing a few feet away. His clothes were casual: a green sports jersey, number 12, and a pair of blue jeans. Like you, he was holding an Easter egg basket. Instead of eggs, you could see tiny presents like the one you were holding lying inside the basket. You blinked and stared at the guy.

"You're a ghost." You said without preamble. It might have been rude to blurt it out so suddenly, but your mind was lurching with effort as it took in this unexpected development. The boy was, without a doubt, a ghost. The beams of sunlight that shot down through the leaves made the transparency of his form clear to see.

The ghostly guy ran a hand through his brown, disheveled hair and sheepishly shrugged. "Yup."

Quiet returned to the woods as an awkward silence fell between you. A sense of deja vu washed over you when the quiet was once again interrupted by a voice and the sudden appearance of a ghost.

"I heard your voice, Tyler. Did you find one?" The new voice held a hint of an accent from that of ages long passed.

You watched as a girl, a few years younger than the boy, floated through a tree and into sight. Similarly to the boy, Tyler, her form was completely translucent and her clothes casual. Her spring dress, simple yet refined, was matched with a periwinkle sun hat that covered hair as white as ivory. Blue eyes, impossibly pale, gazed down at the present in your hand.

"Oh dear. Not another one." The phantom girl said with a peeved sigh. The Phantom rested her gloved hand on her hip, the other being too busy holding an Easter basket to join in.

You looked down at the present in your hand; it was the clear culprit in whatever was happening right now. Feeling the need, you apologized and offered it to them. The Ghostly Guy took it and stared at it blankly for it a moment. Tyler then offered it back to you.

"Happy Easter!" His words were cheery, yet somewhat unsure.

It was your turn to take the present and stare blankly down at it. "I don't understand." You said frankly.

The Phantom let out another sigh. "This is an absolute travesty. No, I daresay a disaster entirely. If it had not been for that man, this event would have been perfect!" The girl suddenly began pacing amongst the plants, "To think, I had once believed that he did not have a single mischievous bone in his body! I was foolish for thinking so." She hid her face behind a hand, "Today was going to be brilliant too. I had the most elegant plan for delivering gifts-"

The Ghostly Guy interrupted the girl's words with a groan. "Not this again." He crossed his arms, "Just accept it already. Someone just as clever as you pulled a prank on you." The boy turned back to you, "Last night, another ghost hid all of her presents. He scattered them around like Easter eggs and now she's forced to find them all." Tyler explained, "I've had to listen to her pout about it all day!"

The Phantom's hand fell to her heart and a pain expression overcame her features. "Now you go forth and spread news of my embarrassment. You wound me, sir." She bit her lip and looked away.

"We both know you had this coming." Tyler was not falling for her facade, "Joshua had full rights to prank you after what you pulled off during Christmas."

His words broke through her performance and a smile crept onto the Phantom's face as she recalled the Christmas event. "Oh, fine. You want me to admit it and I will, Tyler. I suppose I did have this coming. And I will admit that this prank was well played. However, that will not stop me from seeking retribution. I will not be bested." The Phantom lifted her chin and raised her voice, "Do you hear that Joshua! I know you are watching! Be prepared, good sir, for I will not leave this prank unanswered!"

"You will have to find all your gifts first." A new voice spoke, "I have hidden them well in these woods."

The Phantom was the first to spot the source of the voice. You followed her gaze to a rabbit a few feet away. You gasped when you realized that it was the same rabbit that you had seen earlier.

The Phantom's gaze sharpened, "So you finally decided to show yourself."

The voice chuckled at her words. You watched in awe as the form of the rabbit disappeared and was replaced by the appearance of another ghost. The man, in his late twenties, must have been a soldier for he wore a uniform from a long ago war. The soldier, Joshua, gave the Phantom a salute, which she automatically returned with a curtsy. His face was deeply amused and he gave you a small wink.

"I apologize for dragging you into this." The soldier ignored the chilly glare the Phantom was giving him and spoke to you. "These two are surprisingly poor searchers. I needed to bring someone else in or else they would have never found that present."

"Not even! We would have found it!" Tyler defensively replied, "I'll have you know I'm great at finding things!! I even got placed into Hufflepuff!"

The Phantom and the soldier stared blankly at this sudden declaration. Neither of them understood the reference and you almost laughed. The Ghostly Guy opened his mouth as if to explain, but the Phantom spoke before he could.

"Return my presents, Joshua."

"And ruin the fun?" The soldier busied himself with polishing a button on his sleeve, "At least, that's what you would say if I were in your position. Isn't that right?"

The Phantom gave him a stern look, yet did not refute his claim. Joshua continued, "You will have to find the eggs the old fashion way. Perhaps enlist others in your cause if you need the aid." He dared a wink to the Phantom, "I wish you luck, my dear." His form faded and was soon replaced by the form of the strange rabbit once more. With one last look at the other ghosts, the rabbit dashed away into the woods.

"Joshua!" The Phantom called out after the retreating rabbit. She floated a few steps after him as if she considered giving chase, then soon stilled. Letting out an exasperated breath, she returned to her friend's side. "I think I could force his hand if I truly wished to... However, that would spoil this game of his. It seems we have more searching to do, Tyler."

The Ghostly Guy ran a hand through his hair again, "Ugh, yeah. Don't remind me. He had a good point though. We should ask a few others to help us." Hesitantly, he turned to you. "Do you think you could keep an eye out for presents while you hunt for eggs?"

Oh god, he was so desperate he was actually giving you puppy eyes when he asked. You shifted a little under the intensity of the puppy eyes. "Sure. I mean, I'm already looking for eggs. It's not that hard to keep an eye out for presents as well."

Both of the ghosts brightened immediately at your words. The Phantom, relieved, smiled and curtsied, "You have my thanks! Truly, this does mean a lot to me." She turned to Tyler, "If we get others to help, we should be able to find the presents with ease! Then, I can finally deliver them in a proper manner to Gaians." The Phantom looped her arm through his.

"Victory will be ours!" Tyler looked as if he wanted to fist pump, but both his arms were occupied. Frowning slightly, he then attempted to wave a farewell to you as best he could with the basket he was holding. "Thank you again! We'll be floating about if you find more. Speaking of, I hope you enjoy the present! Phantom here really does work hard on them." The Ghostly Guy nodded and the Phantom turned her head to hide the light pink forming on her cheeks. Oblivious, the Ghostly Guy continued, "Now to find more to help with the cause!" Together, the two began to drift away.

You gave a small wave good bye as you watched them float further into the woods and out of sight. Soon, you were alone once more in the woods. Your stomach growled reminding you about your previous quest for food. First, you decided, you would eat, and then you would hunt for eggs and presents. Eggs and presents... What a weird Easter event. Despite it being strange, you were having fun. You grinned and made your way out of the woods. At least you would not be bored this event.
--- Phantom Anon

I wanted to right a poem about eggs.
But very little rhymes with eggs.
Except maybe dreggs.
And legs.
And kegs.
And reneges.
And pegs.
And begs.
I may be overlooking things.


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