Hello Readers!
So as you may know today is the day before Easter smile . Work for me has been absolutely crazy the past week and today was never the less the same.. But thankfully it was a pretty good day as far as clients go.. As some of you who may have a job with some crazy customers... Whether you work retail or customer service or whatever job... We all get some nutball customers lol. Working in the pet industry I can definitely say that I have met some of the most.. *coughs* Interesting people. So It was very refreshing to have a day full of all returning/ Request clientele. Now.. As far as what has been going on at home.. My entire household has seem to have caught the stomach flu.. or some sort of nasty tummy bug and I have been spraying down my entire space with Lysol.. I live with my sister, her boyfriend and their two beautiful kiddos. Every..single.. one.. of..them.. are sick.. Someone help.. lol. So for now I think I will hide in my room until tomorrow morning and pray to god that I don't catch this bug.. Especially since I am supposed to be hosting Easter dinner tomorrow.. Not sure if that is still going to happen if 3/4 of my household is sicker than sick. Hopefully all goes well with that. Any ways.. It is around 8:00pm and I think I may go wander around Gaia for awhile.. See what is new and meet some new friends hopefully. I hope all of your days have been well and I hope everyone in the USA has a fantastic Easter.. and I will write again tomorrow!