Bunch of dreams but no one to tell them to:

Yesterday I dreamt my mom made me a crystal dress, among other gorgeous ones. I was trying to be chosen to wed some other noble. She moved the dresses without telling me so I had this whole panic thing where I was searching for the dresses and had to wear a pain one first. All the other ladies were dolled up and I was super embarrassed because I had better potential. The crystal dress reminded me of the scorpion from League.


Last night the dream was less centered on me. There was this boy that I knew as "The Arrow" and he was a kind of vigilante that was also secretly part of this noble house. He went to a prestigious school and his family were snobs. I was supposed to wed another house but the only one I wanted was "The Arrow" and he was going to wed another family. He had this test where at the all boys school he had to survive a "hunger games" style race. You get to a checkpoint and can only pack what you can carry. There are paths with a river and others with groves. They all attack one another because you want to be the fastest and among the few to finish the race.

I'm with a school bus of kids, cant tell if I was watching them or with them, and I saw him in the air doing his arrow move. That's how I knew he was alive. I don't remember much else now, but there was this whole elaborate feeling behind the struggles of each family. It even featured the side of the people I was supposed to wed.


I've had dreams just about every time I go to sleep. I have been sleeping a lot since Thursday. I am also at my lowest weight for a long a** time. I'm 148 lbs. I haven't been under 150 since high school. I know I haven't been eating a whole lot lately but when I do I was eating cookies and drinking a soda daily for almost two weeks. I don't feel like I deserve this. I am working out once every two weeks. I also recognize that I've been SUPER stressed out being the lead teacher at this site. I've also been waking up earlier and getting an regular eating schedule for breakfast. I've eaten smaller lunches and dinners. I know I can't keep it up but I also wonder if I can make it to 145 by the wedding this weekend. When I'm that low in weight, you can REALLY ******** tell. I'm just curious....