I haven't done one of these for awhile, so here it goes.

I found some new music that I liked, including September-san by Aimer (Aimer!). And although her pronunciation of the word is quite horrid, I think it's a good song.

So anyways, the opening of SI Project would feature Piccolo making her way to the school and exploring the layout, the dorms, rehearsal rooms, practice rooms, and performance halls. She meets various instruments along the way, and I think it'd make a cute opening for the whole project.

There's the Strings gesturing to eighth-grade Violin II to join then (even though she wanted to go talk to Trombone and Trumpet and Oboe and the other tiny young humans) and of course the Choral 4 singing while standing around Piano, who is playing the piano. Cue to shot of Organ and Harpsichord sitting on either side of Piano and totally judging him. Flute hugs Clarinet (back story for another day), and they greet Sax and Bassoon. Trombone dumps his luggage onto the floor of his dorm and makes eye contact with a startled Trumpet. Horn walks into the kitchen to find Tuba icing cookies he made for everyone. Etc.

Basically it's just a cute intro to the project that gives a brief insight into each instrument's personality and foreshadows stuff to come. And September-san by Aimer just happened to be a good fit, since the school year starts in September.

Oh and April Fools and stuff. I don't like jokes, so.