Hello peeps!
Can you believe two years has flown by so quickly? eek

Yes! I am still alive, in case anyone was wondering...
My last post was a bit...depressing...and I apologize for it.

But so much has happened in two years! I'm still at Salvation Army (been there since my senior ear in high school back in 2014).

So here is a list of things that has happened since my last post:
Graduated high school 3nodding
Took one online college course
Have gotten into many fights with my grandmother stressed
Have been moved around at work a lot, but has spent the past year in one department
Was almost in a relationship; til he slept with his best friend and then ignored me for two weeks at a time for like a month or two
One of our dogs passed away crying
Got another dog who is a big energetic baby heart
My oldest niece got open heart surgery twice (April of 2015 & February of 2017)
Signed a lease for a trailer with a friend/co-worker on February 16th and have slowly been moving in biggrin
Plus I have been 20 for almost 3 weeks! (March 7th was my B-Day) 4laugh

So my life the past two years have had it's ups and downs. Lately I've been down quite a bit, but I'm sure it won't last.
How has life been for everyone else?