Only 5 days left and then back to being in a box for another three months. Updating on the IRL stuff, skating is a GO tomorrow, but I'll need to find money because skate rentals. And we've changed to sushi instead of pho, because Tim isn't coming anyway. I'm going to attempt 4.4 again, or maybe 4.5a for Calculus today, and I'm done with Chapter 11 for chem at the moment. I gave up on numbers 69b,c and on 73 xd

I really don't know what's happening with the Lab, though. I think I've done my part, finding the slope and all that.

I did smeb as well as DMS today. Up to 10.6 now, I'm hoping to get up to 11+ CL before next week. And then if I have time to DMS after that, I'll probably be upgrading tank rings.