Author's Notes: I'll be dropping a five song EP soon around in June 2017, called Anika Anna EP, its semi instrumental so some of the tracks have lyrics. Beach Scene was inspired by my previous entry called Intellectual Lover, its very similar with some modifications. Similarly, Nessun Altro is based on my Celestial Flowers Lyrics entry but it is expanded upon. Here are the lyrics for the songs:

Beach Scene

------I love you, but possibly in the most weirdest way ever. And it's so wrong because I know you have someone else; you probably know that I do too. But I can't help but to think about you and, I can't help but to daydream about you. And it's so wrong. It's so wrong because Valentine's Day just ended and I should be thinking about someone else, but here I am. Here I am reminiscing to that moment when we held each other and, we spun ourselves until we got dizzy. And when the world's velocity just turns into a blur, all I can focus on is your, your face.

------And, I know you're getting married now so I probably should just stop. But, I need to get it out of my system. (sniffling and crying sounds.) I love you, I love your personality: the way you talk, the way you sound. You sound calming, inspiring even and, I do admit I miss your voice. And, I miss when we used to talk about anything and everything. I love the way you see the world around us. I love the way you think, the way you respond back to me and causes me to think and engage more. And I know this is love based on admiration and I know how suffocating that could be. But, I think that's the best way I can describe my love for you. Perhaps it's good that there's physical distance between us because I'm afraid that I'd suffocate and asphyxiate you with these attractions. And maybe that's why we don't talk much anymore because I didn't want that. I do miss it though, when we talked. I felt the world just fade away when we did. As I fade away into the memories of you. Farewell, My intellectual lover.

------Oh, and one more thing, when you hear this in the future eventually. I hope you can forgive and forget everything that has ever happened to us. I want you to be happy as you are now. So I pray these selfish desires of mine would never befall upon your ears.

Thank you for everything, This is Anikacy, signing out.


Nessun Altro

(Test. Test. We're good? Bueno? Okay, lets go)


I never spent so many hours
waiting for your call (babe.)
Do you miss me at all?
And, you always bought me so many flowers
over by the bus stop.
At the wait for you to drop

E non nessun'altro ma tú.


I always thought that I'd never leave the city.
But I'll run away this time (boy,)
because I wish you were still mine.
And I never thought that you'd be the one that kills me.
And you caught me by surprise.
I was caught in your love of lies.

E non nessuno altro ma tú.

Nights you'd run your hands through my hair,
to the mornings spent in our underwear.
Afternoons on the phone,
now mid-nights all alone.
Never once did we try to mend,
however much time we spent
back then.
Back when, when, when.

We used to talk everyday
but now you're a stranger in every way.
A lack of conversation,
a lack of common compassion.
We used to feel every touch
but the now is fleeting with every rush.
Not gone and found,
are you home bound

Are you home bound, here?