Whelp, I spent a bunch of my gold.
In an attempt to make up for the 130b I spent on a cute Discord icon, I've begun scouring the Exchange once again for good deals on items I can resell for a small profit. Earning 200b took me a month, so if I make some good investments, I should be able to make up for the lost goal by April.

Chemistry-wise, I've completed most of Chapter 11, excluding the 5 questions that I am unsure whether or not I actually have to do. She said we didn't have to know it, but I think she may have confused chapter 11 with Chapter 10. I probably will learn freezing and boiling point depressions just in case it magically decides to pop up on the exam.
did a bit of DMS today, not many orbs though. I'm at CL 10.5 right now, so hopefully I can hit 11 soon.
I should practice now.