The first thing that came into focus was how wet the world was, cold and wet. It was this unpleasant sensation that forced Tod ((death in German if you're interested)) to move his body for the first time in... Tod heard himself groan at the thought. How long had it been? He had no idea now that he thought about it. He could have been here on the wet pavement in the rain across the street from a cemetery all his life for all he knew. In fact, he only realized there was a cemetery at all when he forced himself to open his black eyes and look around. At first the world was so bright that he'd thought it would have blinded him but it didn't take long for his eyes to adjust and for him to realize that it wasn't bright at all. It was actually pretty dark thanks to the storm clouds overhead.

The next thing that hit Tod was the pain. His head had never hurt like this, or maybe it had always felt this way, it was hard to tell. Tod was realizing that it was hard to tell anything right now other than the fact that he was wet and his head hurt quite a bit. He lifted a hand to the spot that was causing him so much discomfort and then lowered it to examine his hand, only mildly surprised when it came back red. He had no idea how that got there or why but something told him he wasn't safe here from whatever had caused it.

The world spun as he hauled himself up to his feet and he had to lean up against a nearby wall to catch his breath before looking around further. It was then that he saw written on the ground not far from where he'd just been;

'It's important that you don't forget'

What was and why? Tod frowned as he scanned the scratched out words in front of him. Who wrote that? Maybe they could help him...

A quick look around told him that he was alone so whoever had written that note hadn't meant it for him or was long gone by now. If it was so important that he remember then why would they just leave him here? It had to be for someone else, or just the scribbles of a crazy person. Either way, it couldn't pertain to him.

He turned his thoughts back to looking around, pulling the black cardigan he had on closer to his body. It wasn't much but it at least managed to keep him warmer than the white tank top he had on underneath. Both hung off his body oddly and did little to nothing now that they were both soaked from him laying on the ground in the rain for who knew how long. First thing he should do was get out of the rain and to dry himself. He could figure the rest out later.