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Beatsya's Collection♥
Mushroom Village's Defense storyline
I had a dream about an mushoomy apocalypse. A village of 600 people was established. Half were townspeople and half were cultivators on the path to strength. I was a part of the latter. So my 299 comrades and I were at the center of the mushroom forest village when we realized we were under attack. We discovered the 300 weak townpeople abandoned us and fled. So, we fought to defend our stronghold. I went from the battlefield collecting food and bringing it to the center. I thought it was more important to secure our foodsource than battle because I believed my comrades would win, albeit trading many casualties. Little did I realize that because I wasn't paying attention to the flow of battle, it reached the center, where I was stockpiling our food. By the time I realized they had overcome most of the center of our stronghold and there were only 10 of us left. I realized this only when I was pulled out of my focus looking at 7 bananas, one half of a bread pack and one full bread pack. I noticed through a crack in the mushoom wood forest center that I saw unfamiliar faces, many of them, closing in on us. It was then I saw the enemy.

They made sounds like the dolls from zen garden and they had faces like they were humans, but they were clearly a monster army of the forest. Some of them were very deceptively human. I set my food stockpile to the closest I could to me and engaged in battle. I fought and fought, and I fought...One by one the last of my comrades fell in battle and their foothold was overcome the monster army that was slowly closing in on the last of us. I quickly dug out holes with my magic power for the enemies to fall into and blasted hordes with my magic power. Before I knew it, I counted the last 5 of us. 3 of them had congregated to the crack in the mushroom forest I had seen the army out of before. I crossed the short space to them and proposed we retreat, as I could not retreat and hold them off on my own. It would be suicide. Nobody agreed, so I stayed too. I went back the side I was holding off before and continued making holes, blasting hordes to pieces. I had accomplished a path of mastery in combo magic and began holding my side of the horde more effectively. While blinded in combat, when I finally went to see how my comrades were faring, there was only one girl left. She had not participated in the meeting earlier. Or, if she had, I didn't notice her before. It looked as if she had also completed the path of magic mastery. So we two comrades, strangers, held them off for as long as we could. We blasted, and blasted, and dug, and fought. We were sweating and beating up every monster we could find. Finally, the humanoid monsters began dwindling in the center of the mushroom forest and we discovered something. The monster army was blindly following this horde of human monsters and if we defeated these monsters the rest would be no match and would scatter. So we focused our attacks and killed almost all of them.

I was focused. That's why, even though we were at the brink of success, I felt something from her side. I looked and saw my bloody comrade, Stranger Anna, bleeding out missing all of her limbs on the ground of the mushrooms forest. I moved to the middle to kill of her side with my left arm magic and the right side of the horde with my right arm. My left arm occasionally let out a blast of horryfying disastrous magic at the horde while focusing on healing, bandaging, healing, and keeping Anna, my last comrade who without her, I would have already died, alive. It went on and on. Then, the monster horde slowed and dwindled, and finally stopped coming in. I was the only one intact left alive. Anna lay unconscious under my healing on the ground, limbless.

Eventually, reinforcements came from another village. We pillaged our mushroom home and everyone, including the 300 runaways, merged into the new village. It turns out that Anna was this village leader's daughter. The leader looked eerily similar to my middle school substitute teacher, but I only felt more comfortable in that feeling than suspicious. She, the leader, often ruefully speaks about what happened that few days in my old mushroom home, and looks at me with an understanding while thinking of her now useless, limbless daughter.

In my heart, however, Anna, that stranger, is the only one I will risk my life to protect to the ends of the Earth. Such was the bond borne from that dreadful, lonely defense...


jnb 3/20/17

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