Tick tock sings the clock.
My how the time flies.

Tick tock chimes the clock.
Never thought I'd be this unwise.

Tick tock grins the clock.
Is there a god within those skies?

Tick tock laughs the clock.
If so all they spout are lies.

Tick tock sighs the clock.
Day after day I am filled with surprise.

Tick tock whispers the clock.
That reflection is what I despise.

Tick tock weeps the clock.
I am my own demise.

Tick tock groans the clock.
I cannot forget those butterflies.

Tick tock scoffs the clock.
All I can do is romanticize.

Tick tock stops the clock.
Oh how this past hypnotizes.

Tick tock.
All this clock does is mock.