Since I don't know how many days have past, let's just go by entry.

Well, I didn't accomplish much on zOMG, other than completing solo-ing in all areas at this point. Finally got that Garlic silver slaughtering badge. Also fought Taiko drums and ghost lanterns for a long time. Ghost Lanterns are pretty cool.

IRL: Finished the two graphs for chemistry, will attempt angry calculator usage to solve for slope tomorrow. That should cover all the stuff for the lab I'm responsible for, and then I'll work on chapter 11 for chemistry.

Fluting-wise, I'm trying to get back into regular practice schedule. Bach IV needs a LOT of work if it's going to be ready for April 27th, but I think Hindemith and Bach III will be fine. Mozart is already okay, I just have to memorize it.

BTW: Selling zOMG loot for ABP or lower on the marketplace! Please buy them. They're clogging my inventory.