Day 1:

Hello! Jenny here, it's currently four am and I'm making a journal entry rather than sleeping or studying. But such is the life of a university student, right?

I have my doubts that anyone will read this so I'll take the freedom of using this as some sort of vent area at times. Seems fun to type rather than write in a diary that I won't ever finish; not that I'll update this daily but whatever, you get the gist.

I'm gonna give this thing a name, how about Lily? Nice one, Jen. Named after a character from a book. Actually how about Septimus? I can use the nickname Sep, plus I love that boy. Perfect, Septimus it is.

So, Septimus. You'll have to deal with all the s**t I'm going to be writing down in here. How fantastic. Okay, okay let's start off with introductions. I'm Jenny, I'm nineteen years old and have been using Gaia since I was in fifth grade; I've had a few accounts, one of them was banned due to the staff discovering my age. Not that I was discreet, I snapped at someone in the Arena's after they insulted my avatar rather than just give out helpful tips. But hey, kids will be kids right?

After that event, I made a new account, which I still use. I came back because zOMG! came back online, but I realized how far ahead that account was and made a new one to start from zero. I like using both honestly, so it's a win-win.

Anywho, I'm currently in my first year of university, second semester. I'm lowkey dying, but not really. Questioning my choices in what I chose to study, and questioning the English language in itself. I'm part of the University's Book Club and English Association. I did join the choir at one point but I didn't like it (that's something for another journal tbh).

I'm content with how my life is now; of course, I have some doubts but don't we all? I'm scared that I might be losing my best friend. I don't wish for her to drift apart from me, it's inevitable but I hope it doesn't happen any time soon. I miss her you know? She studies elsewhere, far from me and it's hard for us to be able to meet up and hang.

Lately, I'm not sure if it's on my end or hers but it's kind of awkward to talk, topics are dying out fast and I have no idea what to text about anymore. It's kinda harsh, but maybe if I stay quiet a bit more she'll notice or something. It's funny, Sept. I said I'd always be there and so did she, but I'm worried. I'm worried and scared.

Ack, I gotta stop thinking about that jesus christ. I hope she doesn't think I'm replacing her, honestly nothing ever could. I miss her dearly. So much, she's my sister and I miss her. Alas, such is life as you grow..... What the ******** @ myself. Why did you go so emo? This isn't 2006 or 2007. Christ.

Anyway, sheesh I'll try to catch some rest (I say as I probably head off to post in some forums or something). Catch you later, Sept.

- Jenny


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