Title is as it stands.
I recently came up with a cute comic book idea after brainstorming respective dog breeds to match every Lunch Scrub member with Lisa/Fionn.

There will be 13 chapters/stories much like an animated series or an anime. The intro is, of course, Dashy the Dachshund being adopted from the animal shelter by a young human. The neighbourhood is very pet-friendly; think of a complex with a mini dog park in the centre. The area is already close knit and the animals are mostly good friends already. This will be a new adventure for Dashy.

The young human, however, already has a previous dog, Grey (the Greyhound, because names are simple to young children). Grey isn't fond of Dashy, and the two bicker/bark for awhile before they come to the mutual agreement to explore the neighbourhood.

I think this would work as a children's book series/animation, or comic book. It's very SoL style and it's about fluffy dogs.