I extend a hand of greeting as I welcome you to my abode. My thoughts, I cradle and care for so tenderly, are open here. I am nobody. A single ant among millions in a running colony I have yet to play part in. I am young, this is true, but I see no reason why I should be ashamed. I have difficulty keeping up, staying within the lines, and committing to anything whether or not I enjoy it.
I have a partner whom I have shared five years of my life with. Two siblings [Who will forever be without identity within these words.] and a mother and father. I care for two cats and a dog, along with many fish.
I will not tell you who I am or what I do. This is something you must find for yourself as you join me in this trudge through murky waters.
Call me what you wish, I have no perference for a name. Unless, of course, you have chosen something vulgar.
I must take my leave for now. I should hope that I have not left you disappointed.