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Roleplay Characters Here is my characters for that I use in RPs.

Zero Epoch
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Sky's Celestial Magic Grimoire
This is a setup for another character, so I can keep track of spells and effects he uses in RPs.

Untouched Realities Grimoire

A lost tome of magic that was gifted by beings that even make gods cower, it speaks of a perfect reality, untouched by this blight that is creation. With in its pages, it speaks of how to bind the stars and command the heavens, as well as how to bless those with the Knowledge of the Beings that wait Outside the Gates. Let these pages free you.

All magic is considered holy oddly enough, even though most can be used to corrupt this world, as the gods who power it see creation as a sin.

Singing Starlight
Collects a small amount of pure starlight in his hand, fires off in a beam. Low penetration power, but capable of being used at long ranges.
"Gather like dew, numerous twinkes below the horizon, singing your melody of suffering to the unforgiving Void. Sing for me instead!"

Accretion Disk
Gathers a whirling mass of super heated matter around one of his hands. The disk is small, but allows him to cause burning slashes. Once he loses focus the disk breaks apart.
"Speak to me, those that orbit the darkest. Let your light and heat burn threw this rotten reality. Orbit this hand so I may cut this reality asunder!"

Roar of the Darkest
An improved version of the Starlight spell, this one taps into an astrophysical jet, giving it a much harder hit, but it has a very short effective range.
"Darkest that consumes all, let me gather your voice. Let these unblessed ones hear it scream and rage against this mockery. I call for your roar, let it scream from my hand!"

Meteor Shower
An attack, in which he throws his arm straight out from his side, summoning ten small projectiles that can target multiple enemies. Each one hits a about as hard as a gunshot.
"I call those who fall into this well of gravity, doomed to die, come to my aide. Scatter and destroy all before you burn up!"

Asteroid Storm
Opens a portal pulling a stone around the size of a boulder, which then slams down with a heavy force. The impact is the equivalent of a missile strike, but the cast time is rather long as it takes a while for the portal to open.
"That which has failed, floating in darkness, come. Bring the heat and death of your failed birth to me, and let us take revenge on those who have been born! Crash and let it burn!"

Nova's Wrath
Appearance slow moving fireball that explodes when it hits something. Force is about equal to a grenade and mostly deals holy fire damage.
"Sacred song, from the depths of dearh, let your rebirth's pains be my fuel. Let me cast out your shell and let the flames of death and rebirth scorch this world. Sing your heavenly tune for me and let your wrath burn!"

Gravity Bomb
A small orb of concentrated gravity. When thrown out it makes a small area experience slightly higher gravity, which slows opponents down. Causes no damage.
"That which shackles the universe, bend to my will. Chain and shackle my opponents in your depths!"

Dark Energy Bubble
Gathering the power of dark energy, he slams the ground, pushing peiple away from him. If used smartly, can be used with environmental hazards.
"Gathers, motes of darkness, that which stretched the fabric of this reality, that which opens the bar of the cages, that which repulsed all. Gather and force away!"

Comet Fall
An enchantment he places on something, typically his scythe, to make the impact much worst. It amplifies the force of the hit, so light hits can be used to consecrated strength or heavy hits to end it.
"That which zips by, held by invisible shackles, floating around the songstress, grant me your strength. Let each impact shatter this world!"

Magic Bullet
A concentration of starlight he can fire out. Small size but high speed, with a decent range. Very low cost and doesn't require a spell.

Blessed Summonings
Summons corrupted Elemental Avatars. These creatures are 'blessed' with poweres from the darkest, furthest reaches of space. There are several types, but the two most common are both Earth, the Titan and the Jackal.
Titans are large creatures. Made from clumps of dead earth mixed with rotted bark and trees, these lumbering creatures resemble large elephants, standing thirty feet at the shoulders. The back has three, large dead trees on its back that spew corrupted soot into the air, poisoning the land as they march. The head looks like an elephant bit with multiple eyes and instead of a trunk, a multitude of thick, ropey, rotted tentacles that it uses to gather up people and devour them. It takes a while, but the Titan acts as a mobile factory, devouring humanoids and converting thier flesh in blood into a crystal, which it then used to summon Jackals. The Titan has very little in the way if combat strength other than its large tusks and sheer size, using jackals to defend itself. It acts as the commander of the Jackals for miles around it, but even so, it is not very tactical.

Jackals are small corrupted stone Elementals that overall shape resembles a canine. They are only about six feet long, and only three to four feet tall at the shoulders. There head is actually three stones placed together, two making the lower jaw, which snaps to the top with an aggressive force. They have sharp razor claws on their larger front legs, which they use to slice apart prey. Jackals individually are not to hard to kill, but to fix this they run in groups of three and use pack hunting tatics. When in the presence of Titans, they seek out prey, kill it then bring the corpse to the Titan so it may consume it. Under the control of a Titan larger groups tend to form, as some become dedicated to bring dead humanoids to the Titan, while others are hunter's, and even more act as scouts and guards. Jackals are pretty easy to call forth as erll, making them excellent grunts and soldiers.

Blessings of the Untouched
This spell work isn't to hard, as the Titans and Jackals gather the necessary ingredients. This spell forms two crystals from a humanoids, one representing the flesh, and the other the soul. These can be implanted in others as a blessing, granting improved powers or strength. The two crystals can be combined to form a more powerful blessing, but Sky needs to consume the crystals that hold souls, so he does not rot away. All blessings must be accepted by the users, as it will not work of Sky tries to force it. The crystals are also used a spell components by hom, such as the summonings.

Red Crystal's Blessing is the simplest, as the crystal bonds with the users flesh. It consumes stamina each time it is used, but each time is extremely enjoyable to the user. It is a basic power boost, allowing for superior strength or spell work depending on where it is planted. If over used, it will eat some of the flesh near it, and began mutating the host. The mutation are all animal related but vary in results. The mutated parts actually feel better then the original, pressing the user to use it even further.

Blue Crystal's Blessing is similar in design to the Red's, but the effects are narcotic. Use makes the user feel beyond good, and is the equivalent of getting high. Mutation is rarer, but still happens, as this Crystal corrupts the users soul instead, making them more likely to do things they once considered horrible.

True Life Crystal Blessing is a separate blessing, it's the most powerful, but the most rare, as it causes body mutation as well as corrupting the soul. The powers granted by it are much stronger, but give unusual cravings for depraved acts to the user.

Sky's needs

Sky needs to consume souls for sustenance, since his own has been destroyed and fragmented. His remaining sliver was forged into a scythe for his use.
As such his mana does not regenerate naturally, and the more magic he uses, the more deathly he appears. To combat this, he keeps a supply of Soul Crystals on him for him to eat and recover his mana reserves.

For Me

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