zOMG is officially coming back on the thirteenth!

Personally I'm super excited, because I've totally missed that game (and grown bored of LK). :^) i dont know if DMS will come back, since it's the only area I haven't beaten yet (my rings are still level 10.1 max) so i'm hoping to be able to tackle that area again. I only did smeb once, and skipped the storyline since I had to log off. maybe i can re-read it

what about the loot though? i used to farm for flamingo feathers and wing tree leaves to sell (yay, killing spree at village greens?) but with the economy and alchemy bags those items won't be worth as much.

on the other hand, i totally missed the event :c i sent in a resume-ish type thing to the company running Galexa but i think it's too late to join the event. i wanted achievements tho, too bad i always assume announcements are gcash stuff and never check them