Upon graduation of a primary training school, an Immortal can choose to transfer, or stay.
From birth, an immortal is raised and given schooling on his/side of birth and are often affected by the given environments. (Those raised on the Dark side tend to be distant and are hesitant to trust, while those on the Light side are often outgoing and genuine in kindness). Immortals tend to develop skills of a specific Clan before the young age of thirteen (or if they do not, they go through the rigorous Seven Talents Ceremony and are cast into the Mortal world) and from the skills they have, choose a Side.
- Fluency in multiple languages and a potential for leadership and creativity are signals of a Summoner (Dark)
- The ability to see auras (age thirteen is too young to control auras) of oneself and others signals a Magicians (Dark)
- Being drawn to shadows and a skill for manipulation signals a Lurker (Dark)
- Ability to charm/persuade others signals a Spellbinder; influences of the Necronamcers are usually unseen until secondary schooling (Light)
- Interest in potions and science, lack of natural ability and is logical suggests a Potioner (Light)
- And finally, the ability to make somewhat accurate predictions coupled with being a FEMALE suggests the potential for a Seer (Light)

If one does not possess any of above special skills, but DOES have the potential for magic, they belong to the Sorcerer or Wizards Clans; one often stays on the Side of birth as they are pretty much brainwashed to dislike the opposite Clan.

Possessing skills of a light clan while living on the dark side, or vice versa, forces one to switch. This is often a difficult transfer, but one that can eventually be adopted and adjusted to.