After discussing our protagonists, thieves and Royals alike, we finally have Prince Ray.

Adopted from a family of tailors, Prince Ray is quite skilled at needlepoint and other princess-ly things, but not excellent at swordfighting or horseback riding. Having lost his birth family from a young age, he is rather attached to his adoptive family; grief struck him the hardest when A. the Queen died of the plague and B. the King committed suicide when Lisa was eight. He feels rather abandoned by his newfound family as well, as Darren began his explorations at 15, Glenn often snuck out of the house, Lisa moved out, and Cody wasn't really around the castle.

Upon realization of each Royal's curse, Ray set out to find a solution. Meeting an oracle, the old witch/person/whatever told him that the Royals would meet two travellers from the World Below, and they would find a solution to the cursed family. Thankful, Ray has been waiting by the iron gates leading beyond the kingdom every day, in hopes that these two travellers would soon arrive. His Guarde, Jonah (because Darren "doesn't need a stupid guy following him around" often has to drag the young Prince home, freezing cold in the middle of the night.

As the curses grew worse, and chaos in the villages ensued, Ray began to lose hope. He had met a girl from one of the Royal Tours, but she stopped meeting him. It was as if she had vanished off of the face of the land.

But has he grew impatient and was ready to give up, they arrived. The visitors from the World Below, who knew nothing of what they were about to get into, arrived. And Ray couldn't be more excited.