Due to the high volumes of experimental magic disasters in the Dark Side, a great deal of unpleasant magical creatures have been created and remain alive on the Dark Side. Many inhabit the areas abandoned by clans but are rich in magical supplies, making it difficult for immortals of any clan to obtain necessary spell ingredients.

Coatyl - Named as it appears like the mythical Quetzalcoatl in human history, the giant birdlike serpent inhabits the Abandoned Citadel. It feeds off of the dark energy sources of the Lurker's Base nearby, and rumours to guard a large stash of gold objects. Its feathers are dark much like a raven's. However, in the depths of the Citadel is a well of water rich in magical properties. Many eager Sorcerers, Wizards, and Potioners dare venture into the depths to battle the Coatyl in hopes of securing even the smallest bucket of this water. The Coatyl itself has feathers teeming with magical properties, likely because of the dark energy it drains. To steal a single feather from the sleeping beast, however, is more dangerous than securing bucketfulls of water.

Blood Giant - The large, rust-red stone figure is not actually made of blood. Rather, it is named after the many it has slain.

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