Instruments Shoujo: World Tour
Japan works best with Aimer - Re:pray, because it's the last stop of their trip. Piccolo's in her home town (and her family is pretty wealthy so all the Winds stay with her) and the students explore a traditional Obon/Bon festival (Thanks, Wiki). There's food and shows and games and piccolo photographs basically everything: Trombone and Trumpet trying to catch fish in those scoop-a-goldfish games... and failing, Cello praying to her ancestors (She's Buddhist) and the rest of the Strings trying to copy her, the Brass washing their hands in the special water or whatever (I forgot, #MagicalDoReMi), and the Winds being chased by Tbn/Tpt wearing masks from demons of folklore. The Winds have their own kimonos (cute!) and stuff. Yeah, but picca-chan is sad that it's going to be over soon. Because once this trip is over, the school year is over. And they're going to have to say goodbye.