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Roleplay Characters Here is my characters for that I use in RPs.

Zero Epoch
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Gaerneiros Wendylyn Enchantment book
This how Gaer setup all his enchanted gear to work. The first parts are the weapons and the second will be the cartridges.

Caster Sword
Appearance: Appears to be a typical long sword, though it bad a long portion of gold running down the thend center of the blade. The base of the blade just above the guard has a small slot, big enough to fit a cartridge inside it, with a magic crystal placed just above either the enchantments engraved.
_______ Elemental Edge: This emchantmrnt allows the cartridge's element to the blade, giving the qualities of said elements in its normal swing. Can last forty five minutes if this is the only use.

_______ Elemental Manipulation: Kinda what the name states, allows the blade to manipulate the element of the cartridge. Usage time is effected by the size, scope and challenge of the manipulation.

_______ Arrow: Appearance powerful long range spell, it flings from the tip of the blade an Elemental arrow. Only five of these may be fired before the cartridge looses it's charge.

_______ Wave: The most powerful attack spell Gaer can enchant, ithe unleashes an outgoing wave of Elemental fury from a single sword slash. The cartridge can only do this twice for a half circle or once for a full circle attack.

Mobile Wand Systems x 4
Appearance: These devices appear almost as ornate arrows, made of a steel, but with numerous socket crystals throughout the body. There are two bulges, one near the 'arrow' head for the cartridge, and a larger one for the Elemental core. These units can move independently, operated by the Air Elementals that are housed in the cores.

_______ Bullet: Fires a small bullet of the element, these are weaker than the arrow but move a bit faster. Can fire ten off before the cartridge is drained.

_______ Elemental Manipulation: Just like the sword, these can manipulate the associated element, but a much smaller scope due to the small size. Usage time is again, tied to the complexity of the manipulation.

_______ Wave: Like the sword, it uses a large motion to create a wave of Elemental fury, but the cartridge is almost depleted with such a use.

Appearance: This odd device appears to be almost like a rolled up scroll. Easily held in one hand, the device is rather ornate. It is controlled by a thumb placed on a golden bevel. Only accepts water cartridges, any other just won't connect to it.

Water Communication: The device is able to reach out and connect to similar devices and facilite two way communication.

Water Scrying: Can be used to view what the Mobile Wand sees instead of relying on verbal descriptions. This is the most common use for the device as Gaer never likes anyone enough to call then.

Both of these pull water out of the air to make a reflective viewing screen, so in arid conditions it just fails to pull enough water to be of use. Usage time is dependant on durations.

Elemtal Partners
Gaer has four air Elemtals and a single earth Elemental that work with him. The four air Elemental are named Bob, Bill, Joe, and Lu. Their personalities will be more flushed out in roleplay.

The earth Elemental is named Doug, and is rather old and cranky. He is housed in a cow skull when summoned and is only used as a repository of enchantment formulas for Gaer. He is also the first spirit Gaer summoned as well as his oldest friend. Naturally him and Gaer fight often and loudly.

-----Typical Loadout----
Gaer's usual load out consist of his Caster Sword and the four mobile wands. He carries two cartridges of the following elements; Earth, Fire and Wind. This is because he normally has one in each Wanderer and the ones for him to switch between. There are three Water Cartridges, onew for himself, one for a Wand, and one for the communicator.

He only has one of the following four elements, as the materials to build cartridges is rather expensive, more so then just a permanent enchantment. These last four are; Light, Darkness, Lightning, and Healing. The healing one is special, as it's the only one that doesn't have attack options, and when equipped in the sword, he cannot use it on himself.

For my convenience:
[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/journal/?mode=view&post_id=40109909&u=1075889]Gaer's Equipment[/url]

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