Weird captcha is weird, I gotta say that.

So I've been thinking about rebooting Supers, changing up the appearances of Tahki and Hakan, and cutting other characters altogether. I want to focus on the actual message trying to be communicated, and on the action scenes, not the awkward drama.
And for the plotline itself, I think Cerin is going to want to do things for the greater good, he wants to figure out what exactly is going on in the Villains base, what they're planning, for the sake of humanity and supers alike. But Tahki, Tahki has personal goals. She wants to figure things out for her, not for anyone else. I like how I unintentionally highlighted her social anxiety in one of the chapters in the draft; I'll probably keep that and alter the majority of the scene.
But overall: everyone is different. Not everything is what it seems to be. Don't make assumptions, investigate. Find out the truth and why you want the truth. Stay true to yourself, Villain.