"Here we are," Ray announced with a flap of his goose/swan wings. "My sister's tower."

Ella and Jake stared up at the massive structure in awe. While the tall, cylindrical tower appeared dilapidated and worn from where she stood, a closer glance told her the building was purposely painted to look so. A cone-shaped, pink roof sat atop the tower, and a single window (currently shut, Ella expected the princess to fling them open and smell flowers or something) seemed to be the only way into and out of the princess' permanent home. The was no door, Ella noted.

"Lisa! It's been weeks, when are you coming down?" Ray shouted upwards, his loud voice sending a group of crows to comically fly away from the treetops.

And just as Ella anticipated, the wooden boards holding the window shut started to open. She was excited. Was she really going to meet a princess? A real, live princess, who lived in a tower? She thought of Rapunzel from the fairytales that her father used to tell her (before he, y'know, kicked the ol' can) and pictured the beautiful girl with long, silky blonde hair and the kind smile that would appear at the window.

"What the hell do you want, Ray? I thought I told you and Darren to leave me the hell alone!"

The window flung open. Much to Ella's dismay, the princess was not as she imagined. She had short, shoulder-length, black hair, and wore what looked to be the top of a pink princess dress ripped in half and paired with brown trousers. Princess Lisa wore a scowl to match.


"T-this is a princess? The princess?" Ella questioned, and Jake stared in awe. Ray didn't seem to notice.

"You can't stay up there forever, Lisa! We're worried about you!" Ray called.

"Uh, yeah I can. There's no door, idiot." Lisa shot back impatiently, mumbling something which sounded like 'not the smart one' to Ella. "What do you want?"