"They're onto us, dammit. Those stupid blue-uniformed assholes. We're done." Brun cursed under her breath, glaring at Laith and Red. The marketplace was bustling with villagers; she could get away easily, but not with those two in tow.

"I guess this is it. No hard feelings, right?" Brun cocked her head to the side, flashing a fake sympathetic smile. With that remark, she tucked her sword back into its sheath, and ran towards the toy stalls. Nobody would ever think her to hide where all the children are. The Guarde wouldn't dare attack in front of innocent kids, too. It was perfect.


"Guess it's just you and me, Wolfie," Laith said with a wink.

"No, it's just you." Red shoved the other thief towards a fruit stall, and ran towards the new houses under construction. She couldn't get caught, no. What if the prince still remembered her?

She saw flashes of blue as she ran, and footsteps echoing her own perfectly in sync. They chose her. Of all the thieves, they chose to chase her first. Smart idea, she decided, as she was the slowest and surely the easiest to catch. But it was the Guarde's mistake for letting Brun and Laith get away. Now that neither had burdens, the havoc in the kingdom would only increase.