This thing was supposed to be for drafting up P.I.P. scripts and outlines, but here's to all the fairy tale crap.
The eldest of the (cursed) princes is Darren. He's pretty much the perfect eldest son to the King. He's well trained in all things princely, very noble, and genuinely cares for his people and the land. Of course, he can't be crowned until he's 18, and the King died while he was like, 13, so as he grew older, he went around exploring the edges of the kingdom on his trusty bike.
He spoke to an oracle once, who told him that he would be a great king. And also that some cute girl who likes cats would meet him eventually (winkwink). But Darren's a little busy for girls. He's got a crapton of stuff to do with the kingdom upon his crowning, and there's also this stupid curse thing on him. Oh well, we'll see what happens to him soon.