January is almost over. My goal is almost complete. Can't say the same about my university applications, lol.

Red used to be called Alice, but that's not super important.
Red was adopted by a really angry old baker. Her job was usually to deliver baked goods to the villagers that ordered them. Other than that, her new grandma treated her pretty crappily (is that a word).
She met Prince Raymond during one of the "promoting the crown events" (she and the other villagers know it as "Royal Tour" though). They became friends pretty quickly (much to a Jonah-in-training's dismay). Red often snuck away from her delivery shift to spend time with the Royal in the forests. They had picnics of excess baked goods and foreign fruits and such that Ray could sneak away from the castle. Often their meetings were the highlight of her week.
The old baker became more and more unbearable. Red contemplated escaping multiple times, and once night, with the help of Brun, she finally did. Escaping with a bright red hoodie with a wolf emblem on it, she became officially known as Red, yet another thief on the wanted list. Her days of blue dresses and cute princes were over.
Red missed him all the time, unfortunately. Perhaps their story isn't over yet.