One can choose to join the Summoners can upon completion of primary schooling at either Potioner's Academy or the Summoner's Institute. One must demonstrate potential to learn multiple languages, minimum of two languages of the demons and often maximum all six. Upon selection, Summoners in training are assigned a Trainer, and they become an Apprentice. There is an annual ritual for swearing in Summoners (although each year there are few graduates, usually only about 3 to 5), where each junior Summoner is given a book bounded with dragon sinew and covered with their choice of leather. (Alice chose bat.) Each Apprentice then must draw a summoning symbol in their own blood on the cover of the book, and none of their blood can be spilled anywhere but the notebook. (If you fail, try, try again. Quite a few juniors die from blood loss each year.) Then, the Apprentice chants their personal summoning spell, and are bounded forever to a varying number of Demons from the Demon Realm (again, minimum 1 demon if you're unlucky, maximum 6, which is very rare).