Ella and Jake head for the graveyard where the King and Queen are buried, lead by Glenn. They reach the tombstones, pay their respects, and turn around to go back to the castle. As they wander back through the forest, the are ambushed! Red, Laith, and the very fierce Brun perch on trees, weapons pointed at the three and threaten to attack. Ella is scared. Jake panics. Glenn was the schoolmaster's son before he was a Royal, and so his swordfighting skills are absolute crap.

Then, in the distance, Ella sees a figure. His bright red jacket makes him seem like a flame bursting through the thresh. He holds a large sword in hand, yet his soft eyes were kind, and his nice brown hair and face almost angelic to Ella. The area around him almost glowed; a shaft of light from the heavens seemed to descend upon him.

"Laith, turn off the damn flashlight. What the hell are you doing?" Brun's voice cuts through Ella's train of thought.

The light abruptly vanishes. Ella looks up to see the thief grinning.

"Oh, just adding some more tangles into the plotline."